Long Arms LLC

Store Hours

Please call ahead 501-796-4341 this is a one person shop. Open 10am-7pm Wed-Sat any other times would be by appointment.

1625 HIGHWAY 64 W

EL PASO AR 72045



1.4 miles east from the highway 64 highway 5 intersection towards Beebe. We are on the right at the beginning of the curve.

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I am the only person who can run the shop at this time. If you are traveling more than a few miles call 501-796-4341 first to make sure I am here. Part of the tradeoff for having low prices is that I can't afford employees. If there is an emergency, school calls, appointments, or anything else comes up I have to lock the shop.

*We will hold your gun for three (3) days after it arrives in our shop and you are notified of it's arrival. If you haven't picked up your gun within that time, you will be assessed a $10 per day storage fee, on top of the transfer fee. After 30 days, the gun will be sold to recuperate storage fees.